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Bnei Akiva is in urgent need of your support
Winter 5770
Dear Friends,
The global financial crisis has resulted in a significant reduction in donations from key donors, as well as massive, repeated cuts in funding from the Jewish Agency. These, coupled with the continued strength of the shekel relative to major currencies, have left World Bnei Akiva in the most dire financial situation in its history.
We are urgently in need of your support.
The net financial effect has been a loss of $600,000 to our operating budget this year alone, but the wider impact on our activities and services to Jewish youth is far more distressing. Unless funding can be found we will be forced to make drastic cuts in a number of critical programs including:
§ Cutting shlichut to communities in Scandinavia and France, in which Bnei Akiva provides the only outlet for Jewish youth to learn about their heritage, observe Shabbat and kashrut, and be exposed to a traditional Jewish lifestyle.
§ Eliminating scholarships for participants on Israel programs from distressed Jewish communities in South America and Europe. Without these scholarships, it is doubtful that many will be able to attend. The damaging consequences both for their personal Jewish identity and the futures of their communities are impossible to calculate.
§ Reducing key programs around the world aimed at stemming rising assimilation and disenfranchisement among Jewish youth.
The leadership of World Bnei Akiva has taken several cost-cutting measures including a reduction in overhead and headcount at the head office which was already understaffed, and raising additional funding from partner organizations such as the Mizrachi and Kibbutz Hadati. It has also restructured shlichut to compensate for the lost funding from the Jewish Agency and initiated a joint campaign of all the Zionist youth movements to directly appeal to the Knesset and Israeli government for an alternative to the Agency’s support.
All of that is not enough. Unless a shortfall of over $200,000 can be made up, Bnei Akiva as we know it may cease to exist in many communities.  We need your help to ensure that this will not happen.
We are turning to you – to the friends of Bnei Akiva around the world, to our partner communities in which we have been active over the years, and to our bogrim in Israel and around the world – and asking for your assistance. If only 100 generous friends will donate $2,000 we can cover this year’s shortfall. If 10,000 of you donate $20 we can also cover it. Any donation that you can afford will go to delivering the message of Torah, Israel, and Judaism around the world.
Bnei Akiva continues to deliver that message, even under the current challenging circumstances, to the four corners of the globe. In many of these places, Bnei Akiva is the only link that Jewish youth have to their Jewish identity. The immediate and direct consequence of severing that link will be losing them forever to the Jewish People. Thanks to Bnei Akiva, and to you, thousands have made Aliya and continue to realize the dream of Torah v’Avodah in the Land of Israel.
Help us to help them.
Bevirkat Chaverim l’Torah v’Avodah,
Daniel Goldman & Marc Belzberg                                       Zeev Schwartz
Co-Chairmen                                                                          Director General
Friends of World Bnei Akiva                                                   World Bnei Akiva
Here’s how you can help:
1.    Send a check in the enclosed envelope
2.    To donate with credit card or by monthly installments please contact us at office@bneiakiva.net or call 972-2-6209012 ext. 212
3.    Donate online at www.bneiakiva.net/support
4.    Donate directly into our bank account:
World Bnei Akiva   Address: 54 King George Street, Jerusalem, Israel
Account #: 300025533
Bank of Jerusalem Ltd. Address of bank: 18 Keren Hayesod Street, Jerusalem, Israel
Branch: 30    Swift: JERSILIT    IBAN: IL73 0540 3000 0030 0025 533
For tax deductible donations:
In the USA – via PEF
In Canada – via Mizrachi of Canada

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