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אודות ההמנון

The movement’s anthem, Yad Achim, was written by Rav Moshe Tzvi Neria z”l, the first Madrich in Bnei Akiva. He is fondly known as the “father” of the “kippot ha’srugot,” for the generations of Religious Zionists which he so lovingly nurtured and taught.

He wrote the movement anthem during Chol Hamoed Succot 5692 (1932) at a gathering of Madrichim in Kfar Saba. The anthem soon spread to become one of the movements undoubted symbols..

The melody for the Himnon was composed by Michael Perlman z”l, a longtime member of Kvutzat Yavneh, and an authority on Ta’amei Ha’mikrah.

יד אחים לכם שלוחה, הנוער החביב.

על דגלינו כולכם חנו מסביב

יזהיר לכם כוכב תורה,

דרככם סוגה בעבודה.

בלב אמיץ, בעזרת השם, עלה נעלה,

קדימה בני עקיבא הידד במעלה.

מולדת זו ארץ אבות, ארצנו הקדושה.

מידי אביר יעקב לנו מורשה.

ראשינו בעמקי תורתה,

כפינו ברגבי אדמתה.

בלב אמיץ, בעזרת השם, עלה נעלה,

קדימה בני עקיבא, הידד במעלה.

We reach out to you, oh beloved youth,
with a brotherly hand.
Everyone, come and gather 'round our flag!
Let the bright shining light of Torah guide your ways;
and may your path be filled with work -
With courage, Be'ezrat Ha'Shem, we shall ascend
Onward Bnei Akiva, to great height!
Our Homeland is the land of our Forefathers, our Holy Land.
We have inherited Her from Might of Jacob.
Our minds are immersed in the depths of Her Torah,
our hands are clinging to Her soil -
With courage, Be'ezrat Ha'Shem, we shall ascend,
onward Bnei Akiva, to great heights!



יד אחים - a brotherly hand; congruent with principle #6 of the 13 principles of Bnei Akiva – “The Chaver acts as a brother to all Chaverim and is prepared to assist them at all times.”

הנוער החביב - beloved youth; we are a youth movement, characterized by the dynamic intensity and passion of youth.

על דגלינו  – around our flag; see our explanation of the semel.

 יזהיר לכם כוכב תורה, דרככם סוגה בעבודה – an allusion to Torah Va’Avodah, our motto, which is the guiding light of the Tnua.

בלב אמיץ – with courage; our path is not the easiest one. We synthesize the Divine and the mundane; the physical and the spiritual; implementing in the national rebirth, modernity and age old values.

. עלה נעלה– we shall ascend; as previously mentioned, the path of Torah Va’avodah is a difficult one, likened to ascending a mountain. As one reaches what appears to be the top, one sees quite often that there is still more to climb. This phrase was first uttered by Calev ben Yephuneh, to rally Am Yisrael against the report of the spies, to encourage the ascent to Eretz Yisrael.

מולדת זו ארץ אבות – Our Homeland is not just any piece of real estate, which can be located anywhere, but rather it is a specific land, the land of our Forefathers.

ארצנו הקדושה  – Our Homeland is not just any piece of real estate, which can be located anywhere, but rather it is a specific land, the land of our Forefathers.

מידי אביר יעקב - From the Might of Jacob; these words are taken from Jacob’s blessing to his son Joseph, (Bereishit 49,24) This is an allusion to Mashiach ben Yoseph, the redeemer, in the physical sense, of Am Yisrael, who gave us our inheritance.

לנו מורשה - Our inheritance. In the Torah we find two things which are called “our inheritance.” One is the Torah itself (Devarim 33,4), the other being Eretz Yisrael (Shemot 6,8) “And I will bring you to the land which I have promised to Avraham, Yitzchak, and Ya’akov and I will give it to you as an inheritance, for I am G-D.”

ראשינו בעמקי תורתה – Our minds are immersed in the depths of Her (the land’s) Torah; alluding to the medrash on the pasuk in Berashit (2,12) “There is no Torah like the Torah of Eretz Yisrael.” It is obvious that there is a quantitative difference between the living Torah of Eretz Yisrael , which includes keeping the many Mitzvot that are connected with the Land, and the Torah of Chutz La’Aretz (outside of the land) where these Mitzvot (close to 50%) do not apply. But there is also a qualitative difference as well. The spirit of the Law is much clearer in the Land of prophecy than out side of it. Prophecy is bordered by the boundaries of Eretz Yisrael. All-inclusive ideas in Judaism such as an intrinsic value of the mundane; the non-religious leadership of the redemption process; war and bloodshed intertwined with the ultimate peace; these all can sprout on the soil of the prophets where the imagination knows no bounds.

כפינו ברגבי אדמתה – Our hands are immersed in Her (the land’s) soil; The choice of the word ףכ alludes to the pasuk in Tehillim (128,2) “Happy are all who fear the L-rd, who walk in His ways; Those shall eat the labor of their hands, happy they be, and well.” The “way of the L-rd” is one who eats from the fruits of his labor. These last two passages are a poetic allusion to our motto of Torah Va’Avodah, already mentioned in the first paragraph of our anthem.

שילחו את תגובתכם!

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